Frequently Asked Questions

I’m a member and I haven’t registered with the new authentication/login method.

You must choose the option: register a new account.
Next, insert you member number.
After that, you must choose a verification method: SMS or email.
If there are no contacts associated, a warning will pop up to contact our services, through:

You must enter your email and your password.

I’m a member and I already registered with the new authentication/login method.

I’m a Member and I don’t have access to the existing data for validation (inactive email and contact)

If the event of inactive data contact our services, through:

Requisites for the access Password

The Password must have:

  • At least one non-alphanumeric character (. - ! - # - %)
  • At least one number (0 - 9)
  • At least one uppercase character (A - Z)
  • Minimum 8 characters

I’m a member, I already registered with the new authentication/login method, but I can’t remember the password

No. If you want to change any information in your member data, contact our services at:

Is the data given or changed in the Renumbering form shown in the member data?


When I log in, there is a pop up requesting consent. What do I do?

You must consent.

What will I need to submit the renumbering form?

You must confirm or change the pre-filled fields and check the checkbox of each field, even the empty ones.
Upload a picture of your face.

I’m a member, but I am under 13 years old?

If you are under 13 years old, you can only access the online renumbering process if your parent/guardian is a member and if the family aggregate of said parent/guardian is updated in our system; this can be accessed in the option family.
If your parent/guardian is a member, but the family aggregate is not up to date, or if your parent/guardian is not a member of FC Porto, this process must be done in person at one of our Stores, or by phone or email.

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